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Everything For KB: The Team Is Looking Good

January 1, 2012

By: Rashad Vaughn

Rashad Vaughn is back with his second blog entry for GiveNGoBasketball. Rashad talks about his season so far, what has changed with his recruitment and more.

Hey guys, I'm back with my second blog entry for 

So far my high school team has looked pretty good. Our record is 3-2. I think I'm playing well. I'm being a leader and making my teammates better. Our wing Lavar has stepped up in a big way and is playing well and our big man Darrious Denson is playing very, very well. My goal for my team is to win state and nothing less than that.

I like to bring to every team I play for, what I am fully capable of. I'm a scorer.  I can shoot, and I like to get up and down the floor. Most of all, I want to make my teammates better. 

I don't really have a favorite NBA team, but one team I like to watch is the Heat. I really like the way they are playing lately. Lebron really knows how to make his teammates better. 

There has been a change in my recruitment since my last blog entry. I received an offer from the Florida Gators. Everytime I receive a new offer, go on a visit, etc. it's really a blessing and shows me that hard work pays off. What I look for in a school is a good relationship with the coach and if the school fits my playing style. 

The holidays went very well. It's always nice to get together with my family and spend time with each other. Speaking of the holidays, I have a new year's resolution. It is to go harder than I already am and continue to become a better leader and teammate. 

Thank you very much for reading my second blog entry. Definitely stay tuned for another one in the future.

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GiveNGoBasketball would like to thank Rashad Vaughn for submitting his second blog entry. He is a great kid and has a perfect mindset for being successful in the future. Follow Rashad Vaughn on Twitter @ShowtimeMr . Stay tuned for more Everything for KB blog entries.


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