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Perkins' Point of View: The Team is Improving

February 7, 2013

By: Josh Perkins

Josh Perkins' first blog entry for He talks about his season, recruitment, and more.

Hey guys, its Josh Perkins with my first blog entry for GiveNGoBasketball. My high school team is doing well. We are getting better every day. We started off the season with a couple losses, but we weren't letting those dictate whether we are a good team or not. We used them to get better and know that we aren't quite ready for where we want to be.

Just as an introduction for those who don't really know me as player, I would say I'm an unpredictable player because I do more than one thing well. It really depends on the defense to know what I'm going to do. I'm working now on becoming a better leader vocally and increasing my strength as well.

The recruitment process was fun for me at first because it let me know that my hard work was finally starting to pay off. Now I guess it's a bit overwhelming. I hold 33 offers as of now but, my top schools right now are Arizona, Colorado, Denver, Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Stanford. I currently do not have any visits scheduled yet and I don't know when my decision will come.

Thank you very much for reading my first blog entry for GiveNGoBasketball. Definitely stay tuned for another one in the future.

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GiveNGoBasketball would like to thank Josh Perkins for submitting his first blog entry. He is one of the nicest kids you will talk to, very talented, and has a lot of passion for the game of Basketball. Follow Josh Perkins @JoshPerkins03 . Stay tuned for more Perkins' Point of View blog entries.


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