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April 24, 2015

Rawle's Report: The Latest

By: Rawle Alkins

Hey guys I’m back with with my fifth player blog for 

Rawle’s Report. I just wanted to let everyone know what is the latest with me.

I want to start off by saying that I am so proud to say that we won the city championship. We unfortunately lost the state championship to Wings Academy, but it was a great junior year and I really became a national recruit instead of just an NYC local kid. Most of all I am really proud of our whole team. All eight guys that played this year gave it all they had for the team. We all have college offers and tremendous accomplishments. We all play high school basketball to of course win championships, but we also play to gain college offers so we all have a lot to be proud of. I want to talk about some of the guys individually that helped us this year.

Rawle Alkins is proud of his team.

Jose Alvarado is really blowing up because of his great sophomore season. Junior guard Jarred Rivers made a big impact for us and played very hard. Tyrone Cohen always made sure he had the highest motor on the court and really helped us out all year.   Yashawn Bright is an aggressive player and got us pumped up before every game and made sure we were ready to play every time we stepped on the floor.  

David Cole was one of our biggest players and stepped up for us on the defensive end. Senior Marcus Layne was a great leader and was a high motor guy. He unfortunately tore his ACL, which motivated us to win more games for him. These guys were all huge pieces for our team and a big reason why he had such a successful year.

We recently finished up our first session of the Adidas Gauntlet and went 1-3. We didn’t do as well as we wanted, but we aren’t going to let that slow us down. On a personal note, I averaged 29 points that weekend. I wasn’t happy with the way I played my first game, but I stepped it up as we went on. Mustapha Heron and I are building chemistry and we both believe we can be the best duo in the country. We play very similarly and the both of us together is hard to stop. Another player on our team that has played well is our point guard Devonte Green. He is doing a great job at that position and can do multiple things on the court. Ryan Preston is doing a great job at grabbing rebounds and blocking shots and Iona commit Kai Mitchell has also done well for us.

My mindset heading into Session II in Indiana of the Adidas Gauntlet is to just play basketball like I always do. There is going to be a lot of schools there watching, but I am going to stay focused on what is important presently and that is winning games. We have to play together and go as hard as possible to be successful. We are all looking forward to it.

Now I am going to touch upon my recruitment. I can’t emphasize it enough that my recruitment is open. I am not leaning toward one school and I don’t have any favorites. I am making sure that I hear everyone out. There was a time where I took a break with my college recruitment because I felt that I needed a break from all of it. I am starting to get back on it a bit and I recently picked up two new offers from VCU and Auburn. St. John’s new staff all came to visit me together. It was a cool experience getting to meet Chris Mullin for the first time. I spoke to one of their assistants “Slice” Rohrssen a good amount. St. John’s recruiting pitch to me is that they want me to stay home and play in front of my friends and family.

Everyone is coming at me very hard because it is that time of year where players are supposed to start thinking about college. Freshmen and sophomore year schools were coming at me, but not nearly as hard as they are now. They see that it’s that time of year to pursue me and they are all on me hard.

Family and friends are important to me and have helped me along the way. My mother is at all my games and shows me so much love and support. I have a couple of family members that mean a lot to me and friends that always look out for me. I always keep them in mind with whatever I do in life.

Going forward I am going to strive to be the best player I can be. I know what I have to do to reach my goals and I plan on achieving what I have in mind. Anyway, that’s a wrap! Thank you for checking out my blog entry and stay tuned for more on

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