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Tyus' Thoughts: Summer Experiences

September 22, 2013

Tyus Battle is back with his second blog entry for He talks about his recruitment, his summer experiences, and more.

The experiences of attending the Miami Elite camp during the month of August and taking an unofficial visit was pretty awesome. I really loved the University of Miami's campus and the weather was really nice. I got a chance to take a tour of the campus and get a feel for what it might be like to be a student athlete at the U. Coach L. is really awesome and very knowledgeable about both the pro and college game of basketball and he tells some really funny stories. 

The Elite camp was really good. It was good to compete against some talent down south. It also proved to me again, that there is so much talent across the country that the nation has not seen yet. I did pretty well competing for the most part, although I made a mission of mind to have a lot of fun also. I played the point guard spot throughout the camp and that was really fun… My dad and I stayed at an awesome hotel off campus and I had my own room which was really cool also.

After my visit to the U my family and I went to Orlando for vacation for a week and we all had a ball. I love the roller coasters and stuff and so does my brother therefore we went on every ride that we could over the 4 or 5 day period we were at Disney. We also stayed in the nicest resort. I really needed that vacation after a very busy summer. Thanks Pop for a great vacation and spending so much of your cash on us.

About 3 days after my Disney Orlando vacation, I was off and flying again but this time I was going back to Bloomington, Indiana to visit the Hoosiers. It was an awesome trip. I would say it was my most complete visit thus far. The first day was filled with watching workouts. The staff at Indiana does a great job during workouts. Every detail is done fast, complete and with intensity. Coach Crean is the master at skill development. I jumped in and played during open gym. That was great for me and I got a chance to show-off some of what I could do against the likes of Noah Vonleh and guys like Yogi Farrell and Troy Williams as well. I truly believe that I am as skilled as anyone, but they have me beat in the strength department at this point; although I am getting stronger. The experience really helped me see firsthand how hard the best programs in the country must go every day to remain at the top. The campus was really beautiful and I got the chance to see a lot of it. I attended a few classes and my dad and I took a tour of the Kelly School of Business which was really impressive.

Fast forward to the beginning of September, school is about to begin and therefore I am looking forward to seeing my friends from Gill again. Many of them don’t believe that I am going to return, but I really love the school and everything that it has to offer. Basketball should be interesting and challenging this year. Not much to say about that since we are an unproven group, but I believe in myself and the rest of the team as well as the coaching staff. I know that I have been working. I am also 6‘6” in shoes and 184 lbs. which is an improvement since I was Ft 6’ 4 ½” and 167 lbs. at the start of the previous school year. Let’s see what happens during the 2013-14 season. It should be fun and a learning experience for all of us. This is Tyus Battle. Thanks for reading.

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