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January 1, 2015

Rawle's Report: Successful Thus Far

By: Rawle Alkins

Hey guys its Rawle and I’m back with another player blog here on I’m just going to talk about how the high school season has gone so far, a little on recruiting and a lot more.

I would say that we have all done very well. We were undefeated up until the Sunrise Christian Academy game at Slam Dunk to the Beach. Sunrise Christian has a very good team as they had guys like Luis Santos and Dupree McBrayer. Our team is very young and we are growing together every day. Our starting sophomore point guard Jose Alvarado is doing well. Jared Rivers is fun to play with because of his ability to attack the rim. Another guy on our team that is doing well is Tyrone Cohen. He is a very good finisher and shooter. Yashawn Bright is shooting and attacking the rim well so far. Our bench is doing very well too with guys like David Cole, Tracy Cleckley and Marcus Layne. We are all very talented and like to run up and down the floor and I think when we do that there aren’t many teams that can keep up with us. We want to play as up tempo as possible and everyone on the team understands that. We are a small team so when we played against Sunrise Christian Academy with a big guy like Luis Santos we had some trouble pushing the ball and getting in rhythm. We still believe that we should have won but, it is all a learning experience. The next game we won 65-55 against Sanford High School. Sanford is from Delaware so they had plenty of fans at the game. I’m happy we came out with a win and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. We were actually recently ranked 16th in the country according to so we are a very talented bunch.

I’m really loving my life right now. It was crazy at the end of the games I couldn’t leave the gym so many kids were coming up to me asking for pictures and autographs. I was recently featured in Sports Illustrated for my recent performances this season. Being featured in Sports Illustrated was a humbling experience and I can’t stress enough how blessed I am. My hard work in the offseason is also starting to shine through. I’m really happy with how my game has developed in the past year. I tell everyone that my freshmen year I was just a dunker. My sophomore year I was known as a dunker that could shoot it a little bit and now I am putting everything together. I’m trying to be as much of an all-around player as possible. Senior year I just want to continue to get better. I will never be satisfied and I just want to keep improving my game. I have been working especially on my pull up jumper, ball handling and basketball I.Q. Someone who has really helped me is my high school coach, Joe Arbitello. Coach Arbitello has put my teammates and I on a national stage and it is up to us to take advantage of it. If it weren’t for Coach Arbitello and Christ The King I don’t think I would be known right now.

I just want to backtrack on the season real quick. A huge game for us was the game against St. Rita’s. St. Rita’s has a talented team with guys like Charles Matthews (Kentucky commit) and Myles Carter. Going into that game we were ranked 93rd in the country according to We eventually beat them pretty well and that game really helped us realize just how good we are. Now we are ranked 16th in the country so that win really helped us.

Everything with my recruitment is basically the same. The same schools are on me right now except for Kentucky showing recent interest. Kentucky was interested in me my freshmen year but, they stopped recruiting me my sophomore year. They recently just expressed interest again and assistant coach Barry “Slice” Rohrssen called my coach saying “Rawle is the real deal”. Villanova’s whole coaching staff watched me at one of my games at Slam Dunk to the Beach. Indiana was also there to see me. At times it can be hard to block out the coaches that are watching me because sometimes you have a bad game because you think about them too much. Other times it motivates you to play better in games. It all depends on what mindset you bring to the game. I’m starting to realize though that at times college coaches are going to tell you what you want to hear no matter what type of game you had. I just try and block all that out for the most part and play my game. My plan with my recruitment going forward is to listen what everyone has to say. I might check out some other schools later on in the year but right now the main thing for me is to hear everyone out. The main factors that will go behind my decision is the school’s atmosphere, a good fan base and a school I will excel at. I also want to go to a school where the team is like a family instead of just playing for themselves. That is basically everything with my recruitment right now.

Looking forward into the season our team all has one goal and that is to win another state championship. We all say that it wouldn’t be a successful year without a state championship. In order to get there we need to continue to play how we are playing. We also need to keep growing as a team. Right now everyone sees that we are a young team with potential and it is up to us to reach our potential.

Lastly, I just want to give some advice to the young kids that are early in their basketball careers. It’s 2015 now and it’s another year to getter better. It’s not impossible to get on the national stage by any means. Going into my freshman year I wasn’t known at all really. Luckily, I had plenty of chances to showcase my skills my freshman year and a lot has changed for me. I try and take advantage of every opportunity I have and that’s my advice to you guys. When you are on the big stage embrace it and give all you have. Some guys have the luxury of being known in eighth grade but for guys like me you need to work your way up to be known. Never doubt yourself and embrace all of the opportunities you get in the future.

Thank you for checking out my latest player blog on Stay tuned for another one in the future. Happy New Year!

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