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March 5, 2015

Troy Brown's Blog: One Season Ends, Another Begins

Hey guys its Troy Brown back with another blog entry for A lot has happened since my last blog entry and I want to fill you in with this one. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Our high school season unfortunately ended recently. We lost to a very talented Palo Verde High School basketball team. I feel we should have won, but we didn’t play all that well. Playing a key role on the team it was very sad to see our seniors go out. This experience made me a lot more passionate about next year’s season and has given me a lot of motivation. I would say that the season was a good one overall. I thought we could have done better and gone farther, but as a whole I think we all played well together. I think we will all take it as a learning experience. I just want shout out someone who is one of my friends and teammates and hat is sophomore Isaiah Banks. I think he had a really good year for us at Centennial and it’s great seeing another young kid on the team doing well. Personally, this season I learned a lot. I learned how much it helps to attack the basket hard and aggressively. I also did a much better job at getting others involved and I worked a lot on my jump shot in the offseason. This paid off for me and I think I improved greatly on my jump shot. In the beginning of the season I set out goals for myself and I think I did a good job at accomplishing them.

I am still upset that the high school season, but I am excited for this upcoming AAU season with the Las Vegas Prospects. This is my third year with the Prospects and it’s a big one as we are playing on the Nike EYBL Circuit, which should be a fun experience. We have also added plenty of great pieces to the team, which I think should really help. Those players are Markus Howard, Oshae Brissett and Chuck O’Bannon. I spoke about how great of an addition Markus Howard will be in my last blog. Oshae and Chuck have taken Las Vegas by storm and are great additions as well. I’m looking forward to the great coaching we have and playing with all the great talent on the squad. A huge goal for us is to come away with a Peach Jam Championship. Everyone involved with the Prospects are great people and care for their players on and off the court. It’s a great organization and I am looking forward to suiting up for them again.

Right now I am working on my strength and my body for this upcoming AAU season. I’m also still trying to improve on my jump shot as that can always be improved. I’m working on anything that can help me offensive and defensively. One thing I am working on for defense is my lateral quickness. I just got off of a break I took from the high school season to rest my body. I am now back in the gym preparing for a big Junior AAU season. I’m going to be working out multiple times a day and do what I need to in order to be fully prepared for AAU.

My recruitment has been about the same as it was last time. I am very blessed to have the amount of schools recruiting me. I have been checking out some college basketball games just to get a better idea of what I have to do in order to be successful on that level. A player that I have been watching is Tyus Jones from Duke. I really like the way he attacks the basket and can finish through contact. He is also very clutch on both the offensive and defensive end. He’s a great overall point guard and I believe he is one of the top players in the NCAA right now.

If you have read my previous blogs here you know that I am a huge sneakerhead. I’m always checking out a new shoe and the latest one I’ve been looking at is the Kobe 10s that just came out. They look very comfy especially the ones Zach LaVine had on during the Slam Dunk Competition. There are many different shoes I’ve been checking out as well, but the Kobe 10s I am most impressed with.

Speaking of Zach LaVine I just want to touch upon how he is a freak of nature. Some of those dunks he put down were incredible. The bounce he has is simply crazy and it came as no surprise that he won the competition. Overall, All Star Weekend looked like a great experience and it is something I hope to be a part of when I get older.

As my game develops I continue to think of what player I hope to become. A lot of people like to pinpoint exactly what I do well, but I personally try and be as versatile as possible. It all depends on what the team needs me to do. I just want to help my team win the game and I think if I am versatile we will have a better chance of winning.

I also want to talk about the Class of 2017 a little bit. I think our class is very talented and it’s great playing with those dudes. They all have great personalities on and off the court. It’s definitely a lot of fun playing with the top prospects in my class at whatever event we are at. We all are very close with each other and we always joke around with who is ranked higher in whatever site. It’s just a lot of fun talking to those guys and I’m happy that I’ve built some many solid relationships with them.

My father also stresses to me how important it is to conduct yourself in the right manner on and off the court. Basketball comes with a responsibility to carry yourself in the right way and you have to respect the game. I think it’s very beneficial for an athlete to have a good personality and the ability to carry yourself the right way on and off the court.

I want to finish out this blog talking about my guy Stephen Curry and the NBA. I’m a huge fan of his and love how competitive he is. He is obviously killing it this season and for my MVP prediction I am either picking him or James Harden. My pick for who will the NBA Finals right now are the Cleveland Cavaliers because of how well they have been playing lately.

That’s a wrap for my latest blog entry for Thanks for checking it out and definitely stay tuned for another one in the future!

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