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Perkins' Point of View: On to AAU

April 24, 2013

By: Josh Perkins

Josh Perkins is back with his second blog entry for He talks about AAU, his recruitment, and more.

Hey guys, its Josh Perkins with my second blog entry for The high school season went well. A lot of people didn't think we would have done as well as we ended up doing. We lost in the elite eight, which we weren't happy about, but we were satisfied that we made it that far. Since the high school season, I am starting to take more of a leadership role by being a lot more vocal.  

This AAU season I will be playing for the Colorado Miners. We're a good team, who I think will surprise some people and get some wins against some really good teams. Ghassan Nehme and Evan Molong are players who are really stepping up right now. Like everyone else, I look forward to any tournament where the best are playing and college scouts are watching.

My recruitment has picked up a lot after this past weekend. Previously in my last blog entry for GNGB my list of schools were Arizona, Colorado, Denver, Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Stanford. The schools I have added to that list are Baylor, Creighton, USC, and UCLA. 

Well the NBA playoffs have started and I'm pulling for my home team, the Denver Nuggets. I love watching the Clippers though- it's always fun to see them play.

That is it for my second blog entry for Thank you very much for reading and stay tuned for another one in the future.

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GiveNGoBasketball would like to thank Josh Perkins for submitting his second blog entry. He is one of the nicest kids you will talk to, very talented, and has a lot of passion for the game of Basketball. Follow Josh Perkins @JoshPerkins03 . Stay tuned for more Perkins' Point of View blog entries.


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