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Jessie's Journal: Looking to Make Noise

November 19, 2013

By: Jessie Govan

Jessie Govan is back with his fifth player blog entry for He talks about his new school, Wings Academy, his recruitment and more.

What's up everyone, been a while but I'm back with another blog entry on

I recently transferred to Wings Academy in the Bronx. It was a smooth process and I'm ready to start playing in the PSAL. Wings has made it to the semifinals 4 years in a row and I want to help them get over that hump. I will be playing with my AAU point guard, Desure Buie, as well, so that made the move more comfortable.

The season is about to start and we are looking to make some noise. We have a lot of doubters that say we don't have a chance to win the league but we're ready to prove them wrong. We're definitely talented enough to do it all we have to do is play together and play hard every game and it will be very hard to beat us.

As far as recruitment, I recently took a visit to UCONN for their midnight madness. They had a great atmosphere and a lot of great fans there. I got to meet with Coach Ollie as well after that. He told me how he would use me and how they already have a few New York players on the team.

I also took a visit to Seton Hall. I went to the Prudential Center, saw the facilities, and watched a little bit of the practice. I was impressed with how they use their big man, Eugene Teague. I had great talks with Coach Willard as well.

Well, thank you for reading my blog! Stay tuned for my next one coming soon!

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