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September 25, 2014

Rawle's Report: Junior Season

By: Rawle Alkins

Hey guys, I’m back with another player blog for I will be talking about my recruitment, upcoming high school season and more.

I’ll start off the blog by talking about my recruitment. Jay Wright, Villanova Head Coach, met with me recently. I liked how the meeting went as he told me the areas he feels I can improve in and what I can do to take another step in my game. He showed me how successful guys are after their time is done at Villanova. Coach Wright said that Villanova is more than just a team, it’s a family. Kansas was supposed to stop by but, they said they will swing by either late September or early October. Kevin Willard, Seton Hall Head Coach, will stop by tomorrow for a meeting. Chuck Martin, Indiana assistant coach, watched me workout recently and Cincinnati head coach, Mick Cronin, met with me with one of his assistant coaches, Darren Savino. I really enjoyed that meeting and liked how it went. Rick Pitino, Louisville head coach, met with me today. Louisville already offered and Coach Pitino said next year they probably will only have one scholarship left, so it shows they really want me to go there. Louisville is a really good look. They produce a lot of pros and have a great campus. They also seem to have a great atmosphere. I recently picked up an offer from Florida. They are a great program and produce a lot of pros and it is actually where I am originally from. With my decision there is a lot more to it than basketball. The name of the school of the program doesn’t do it all for me. I will be looking into everything a school has to offer me. I am going to try and check out some Midnight Madness events. I’m going to try and go to Kansas, NC State, Villanova and some more schools for Midnight Madness visits. As for my recruitment that is about it.

I am now starting to get used to the media and all of the attention I am receiving. I remember how crazy it felt my freshmen year when I got my first interview. I am better with interviews now as I am growing more comfortable with it all. I am just trying to use this attention as an advantage. I don’t pay too much attention to rankings or what the media says about my game. I see it, I think about it and then I ask my trainer if he thinks I should work on what they say my weaknesses are. For example, they say my weakness is my jump shot. My trainer and I have been working on that a lot. I think I have greatly improved my shot and I am just trying to become an overall player. I watched my mixtape that made me and I dunked throughout the highlight tape. I then watched a recent mixtape that was made for me and saw that I am adding a lot more to my game and I'm not just a dunker.

There are a lot of talented guys throughout New York City right now. I’ve been to all of these camps and I've seen a lot of the top ranked guys around the country. I feel like some of these New York guys can compete with these national guys and aren’t getting the attention they deserve because they haven’t been seen yet. I think there are plenty of kids throughout New York City who will blow up this season. New York City basketball isn’t where it used to be but, I think it is still an area where some of top talent is from. As a fun side note I would give NYC basketball a four out of five stars. I am happy with how everyone is representing New York City basketball right now though. I am very proud to represent “The Big Apple” everywhere I go.

My high school team is looking very good this year. Guys like Jose Alverado, David Cole, Tyrone Cohen, Ya’Shawn Bright, Jarred Rivers, Chris DeJean and Kameron Johnson will really help us this year. I believe that we are in the position to three peat this year for the city championship. Our team is solid in every position. From what I’ve seen from our preseason workouts I think we have the potential to be very good. I will be playing in the New York vs. Philly game, which I am very excited for. I am supposed to be doing a documentary with Adam Zagoria of SNY TV. A camera crew is going to follow me through class, so it’s going to be a day in the life type film. That is basically all that is new with me.

Thank you for checking out my recent player blog for Stay tuned for another one in the future.

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