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Tyus' Thoughts: Introducing Myself

July 4, 2013

By: Tyus Battle

Tyus Battle writes his first blog entry for He introduces himself, talks about his recruitment, and much more.

My name is Tyus Battle I am 15 years old. I live in Edison, NJ and attend Gill Saint Bernard's School in Gladstone, NJ, where I will be a sophomore when school begins in the fall.  My AAU team is Team Final, out of Philadelphia, where I play 16U basketball.  A big part of who I am you can find in my family.  I have a younger brother Khalif, a baby sister GiGi, through my dads second marriage, a mom, dad, and a step-mom.  I live with my dad and step mom in Edison, NJ however I am very close with my mom as well.

I am slasher and a pull-up jump shooter and a pretty good passer. I love making other players better. I am also a very good defender on and off the ball.  I believe the strenghht in my basketball ability is my versatility.  I can strongly play 2 and 3 positions.  I am 6 ft 5 and about 184 pounds.  I prefer to have the ball in my hands as a point guard.  PG is where I feel most comfortable.  Both me and my dad think I am PG at the highest level.  My dad says I play a little Jamal Crawford and a little like Sidney Moncrief of Arkansas in 1970's and the Bucks in the 1980's. I think my game has a lot more style than that, lol.  I pattern my game after Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving. Kobe is my favorite player but I like KI also.

AAU has been a good experience thus far.  I have not played in a lot of events because of my school work load in the begining of the year and my commitment to USA Basketball.  I think the end of the year is what counts and I expect a really strong July.

I am a pretty good artist and I am much tougher than my personality may let on.  I also talk a lot more than the perception.  I am a winner and I never ever quit on my family, friends or teamates.

The recruiting process has been interesting.  I have heard from just about every school I want to at this point.  I am just enjoying high school and trying to get better each day.  I really love the schools that are involved with my family and I right now.  I never expected to be so highly recruited this early in my little career but I am not even close to satisfied.  I just want to maximize my potential.

I plan on visiting Villanova, Michigan, Syracuse, at some point in 2013 according to my dad and I would like to get back to IU.  I really like Indiana, NOVA, Michigan, Miami, Ohio State, Vanderbilt, Washington, Rutgers, Seton Hall and Duke.  My latest recruiting has come from Kansas, Providence, UCLA and Washington but UW is only school out of this group to offer.  I like Washington's Education a lot.  Indiana is recruiting me the hardest and has been recruiting me the most consistant however it is still early and I am wide and learning a lot.

Thank you for reading my first player blog on Stay tuned for another one in the future.

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GiveNGoBasketball would like to thank Tyus for submitting his first blog entry. He is a very bright kid who is on the right path for success. Follow Tyus Battle on Twitter @kidmamba23. Stay tuned for more Jessie's Journal blog entries.


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