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October 6, 2014

Jessie's Journal: Final H.S. Season

By: Jessie Govan

What's up everyone! Been a long time, but I'm back with a blog entry for y'all.

AAU is officially over for me, I had a blast playing all these years, and even though it didn't finish how I wanted, winning Peach Jam, I think I had a successful last year. My New York Lightning team just missed making it out of pool play, we lost on a buzzer beater, that hurt. Congrats to my boys Moustapha Diagne and Isaiah Briscoe and the rest of the New Jersey Playaz on their Peach Jam title, much deserved.

Georgetown here I come! I'm gonna be taking my official visit the weekend of Midnight Madness, if you guys see me down there make sure you say wassup! Hope the environment is crazy down there I know you guys are gonna be making a whole lot of noise! #HoyaSaxa

I started senior year not too long ago, and this year I only have 3 classes and gym. I'm taking 2 AP courses, English and Government, to get ready for Georgetown, they take their academics real serious. Government's a little challenging but I have a good teacher so I should be good. My goal this year are to make the honor roll again, I made it my last 3 years of high school so why not end it on the right note!

Wings Academy is looking good this year in terms of basketball, we've got some good returning players in Desure Buie, Randy Corporan and I, we've got some good transfers in Meliek Thomas, Efrain DeJesus and Boubacar Kammisoko, and we've got some great guys moving up from JV like my boy Jose Perez. My boys are hungry this year! I haven't won a title yet, this year anything less is a failure of a season. We have all the tools in place, all we have to do is play how we're supposed to at all times.

I recently played in the All City Classic, New York vs. Philly. The 2015 class had never beat the Philly team the past two years, this year I wanted to change that. It's always crazy in Philly, their fans really come out and support this event, this year was no different. I know a lot of the Philly guys, from either AAU or playing in the event before, so it's always good going up against them. I started out slow this year but shoutout to my boy Matt Ryan! Man that boy is lights out haha, Notre Dame's getting a good one. In the second half that's when I started getting in my groove, hitting my hooks and jumpers, we made it an interesting game, but the Philly team had their crowd really into it, we couldn't really get over the hump. We wound up losing by about 10, tough loss. I took the MVP for the NY squad, my 3rd time winning it, looks real nice in my room guys haha. Shoutout to my boys Traci Carter and Derrick Jones too, they had great games for the Philly squad.

Lastly, one of the greatest players in MLB history, Derek Jeter's career is over. I've never been too a Yankee game, but I've watched them countless times, he was on the team since before I was born. He always finds a way to do something special and rise above pressure. I still remember him hitting his 3,000th hit with a home run, that day was crazy. He never really did anything wrong either, he's a great role model, and he was a great player to watch. #RE2PECT

Well guys, that's it for this blog entry, make sure you follow me on twitter @JGovan15 and Instagram @showout_jess to keep up with my daily life! Till next time, see ya!

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