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Rashad Vaughn Has A Ton of Options

Rashad Vaughn, from Robbinsdale Cooper High School in Minnesota, is considered to be one of the best players in the nation for the class of 2014. With his ability to drive to the basket and knock down a jumper. Vaughn has a lot of options nearly every big name program out there is after him. He such a valuable prospect because of his ability to play guard and forward. He can change a game in so many ways and with his great basketball I.Q. you never know what will be coming next from Vaughn. Rashad Vaughn talked to GiveNGoBasketball about his career, recruitment and more. 

Rashad Vaughn has a very unique playing style. He talked a little bit about how he thinks he plays, " I am a scorer and a very versatile player. I like to get up and down the floor." He can break down a defense in many ways and can screw up the opponents gameplan with ease. Vaughn plays at a level that very few players play at. 

He played at the prestigious Elite 24 this past summer at Venice Beach, California. The Elite 24 gathers together the top players in the country and puts them against each other. Rashad spoke about his experience, " It was fun and a good experience top play with all the top players in the country. "

Now with his recruitment, we could honestly go on and on because he has so many options. He told me what he looks for in a school, " A relationship with the coach and a team with my style of play." As for some of the schools on his list he said, " Minnesota, Baylor, Kansas, Iowa St., Syracuse, Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, Duke, UNC, FSU, and many more. " He said every school on his list has offered except for Duke and UNC. He obviously has a very long list of schools. Vaughn told me when he will cut his list down and to how many, " I'll cut it down to eight or ten probably during the season." He has never really looked up to a school as a kid. He says he has just always loved college basketball. A lot of schools will be awaiting his decision. About when he will make his decsion and what he will base it off of, Vaughn said, " Probably going to decide in the middle of my senior. I will pick the school who I feel most comfortable with and feels like the right decision." 

Rashad Vaughn has the potential to be great. He can really impact the game of basketball in the future. If he continues to develop we could be mentioning his name in the NBA in the future. You can tell Vaughn wants to be successful in this game. For what legacy he wants to leave behind he replied, " Just to be one of the greatest." 

                                                                                                  Pat Lawless 10/12/12

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