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Karl Towns, Number One in the Country for 2015, Talks to GiveNGoBasketball

Karl Towns is more often than not regarded the best player in the nation for the class of 2015. Only 16 years of age Towns already played for the Dominican National Team. He has won a state tournament for his High School St. Joseph's of Metuchen as a freshmen. Even though he is now a sophomore Towns is getting looks from all across the country. You can understand why with his skillset and upside. 

Karl Towns like we said is the best player in the nation for his class. Now when talking about his game he said," My game is complete because I try to do all I can for my team and myself. At 7'0 I can play outside and inside plus defend for my team. I also have the ability to handle the ball." He spoke about his strengths and things he could work on, "  My strengths are my shooting, dribbling and leadership. I need to work on my strength because of the beating I am going to take inside", said Towns. He told GiveNGoBasketball who he plays like, "  I have always mastered my game around Kevin Durant and Maryland superstar Len Bias. "

 Any kid dreams of playing for a team nationally. Towns earned the opportunity to play for the Dominican National Team and play against Team USA. Towns spoke about his experience, "  I learned so much from Coach Cal and all the staff. I learned that I need to work on all my areas so that I can be ready to play at the higher levels. The experience I got with the coaches and my teammates made it easier to play against Team USA. I can not explain how that night was but it was one of the greatest experiences in my life. To step on the floor with my idol Kevin Durant and superstars Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and others was unbelievable." A lot of people say Towns playing for the Dominican National Team helped Kentucky's chances with landing Towns. As for that Towns said, "  I never got into anything about Kentucky because my goal was to get the Dominican Republic to the Olympics." 

Karl Towns is a well known player around the nation and getting looks from every big school you can imagine. He spoke about how his recruiting process has gone so far,        " My recruiting is going well." For the schools that have offered he said, "  Kentucky, Baylor, Duke, North Carolina State, Rutgers, Florida, Seton Hall, Michigan State and others. I also have strong interest from North Carolina, Northwestern, West Virginia, Iowa, Kansas,Georgetown and Indiana." He talked about any recent visits he had, " Did the triangle tour and loved it. Visited North Carolina, North Carolina State and Duke. All were great." He touched upon what he looks for in a school, "  I am focused on their education process, because both of my parents are in education of some sort and it has been my fuel from day one." He also said, " I look up to any school that offers you the opportunity to be successful." As for when he will make his decision, Towns said, "  No time frame, I will talk to my parents and the coaches. When the moment is right I will make the decision." 

He spoke a little about what it was like to win a state championship, "  It was awesome to play in a high octane game and walk away with the prize." His goals for the rest of his high school career are, " To win another state championship and improve in all areas of education and improve my game." 

Karl talked about what it is like to be recognized by many rankings as the best player in his class, "  I appreciate all the rankings it just makes me work harder and inspires me to be the best player I can be." Karl Towns is very bright kid with a great mindset. He knows what he has to do to make himself better in andoutside the gym. He has all the tools to become a big star in the future. It is all up to him to fulfill his potential. It is amazing to think about, that this is only the start of his career. It is going to be a lot of fun following Karl Towns for the rest of his career.

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