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April 6, 2014

National High School Tournament Championship

By: Pat Lawless Publisher

It all came down to two teams in the National High School Tournament. With a very competitive eight team field both of these teams worked hard to get to where they were. Oak Hill Academy (VA) beating Northside Christian Academy (NC) and Findlay Prep (NV). Montverde Academy (FL) beat Sagemont High School (FL) and Huntington Prep (WV). Montverde was the heavy favorite in this game and they came out on top 71-62. 

D'Angelo Russell Ben Simmons and Justin Bibbs scored 57 out of Montverde's 71 points. D'Angelo Russell was happy to win the national tournament this year and last year. 

"It's a blessing to win again," said Russell. "Especially when you play basketball in front of a lot of people here in Madison Square Garden and of course on television. It's just a blessing but, once you get on the court you kind of forget about that stuff and you just play basketball. When you have a team as talented as ours the sky is limit."

Russell is also excited to play at Ohio State next year.

"I'm going to bring the same energy, come in ready to win and do what I need to do in order to turn the program around," he told GNGB. "We have three other very good players committed. They didn't get as much national attention as I did but, so not as many people know about them. They are all very talented and I'm happy to play with them next year."

Head Coach of Montverde Academy talked about what's it like to have D'Angelo Russell and Ben Simmons on his team.

"D'Angelo has won so many different events," said Coach Boyle. "He won this tournament last year. He won the Nike Peach Jam, Adidas Nations and now this. The guy is just a winner."

Ben Simmons showed his ability to score in the lane with 24 points. He didn't have an easy match up with Rokas Gustys either. Simmons, who is from Australia, showed everyone that L.S.U. got a very impressive prospect and one who will continue to improve in his final year of high school next year, as he is a junior now. 

Montverde had another great season going 28-0. Coach Boyle is happy to have Simmons back next year as they aim to do what they did this year again.

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